Krista Kim : NO. 2025 V.2 Flag

  • Krista Kim : NO. 2025 V.2 Flag

Krista Kim : NO. 2025 V.2 Flag

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Artist: Krista Kim

Title: NO. 2025 V.2, 2020


Artist flag by Krista Kim

Istanbul74’ and Utöpia present a collaboration with contemporary artist Krista Kim featuring a limited-edition artist flag for their project “FLAGS FOR FUTURE”.

  • Made with upcycled plastic waste.
  • 10% of the proceeds help to fund our programs for plastic interception, education and communication, material science, and eco-innovation.
  • Flag dimension 150 x 100 cm
  • Limited edition of 100 ex

Artist Krista Kim

Krista Kim is a contemporary artist and founder of the Techism movement since 2014, promoting the confluence of art and technology, and technological innovation as a medium to further the development of digital humanism. She believes that artists must participate at the vanguard of technological innovation in order to contribute to the creation of future culture during this pivotal period of technological innovation, adaptation, and disruption. In her Digital Consciousness series, Kim gathers digital images of LED lights and manipulates them using multiple software to create her artwork, a technique that she has developed since 2012.

Contemporary artist Krista Kim recently sold an NFT-minted digital house for 288 ether, valued at over $500,000 based on the cryptocurrency’s trading price.

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