Gianni Motti - I’m not on Facebook

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Gianni Motti - I’m not on Facebook


The Artist

Born in 1958 in Sondrio, Gianni Motti lives and works in Geneva. This supposedly neutral land allows him to express, with tact, his accusations against the world. He considers that art allows you to state your vision and to rightfully voice your questions about the economy and politics, but he always does it with a sense of humor!

Utöpia Flag

From white flags for peace to the black flag of pirates, and the rainbow flag for pride, in the folds of the flag there is an almost magical power. From the legendary and conquering flags of history books to the Stars and Stripes planted on the moon, they move with the command of icons and trophies. One of the oldest forms of media in the world, the flag now occupies a renewed place in public space. This is increasingly true in virtual public and online social networks. As a new media, it invites us to raise our heads to the sky. The flags of artists have become vectors of communication.

PRODUCT NAME: I’m not on Facebook
ARTIST NAME: Gianni Motti
SIZE: 5’ x 3’ / 153 cm x  92cm
FABRIC: 100 % recycled triple thread polyester knit
EDITION: 100 ex per flag
RETAIL PRICE: $350 per flag

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