Luka Sabbat and Noah Dillon

Exhibition dates: December 7, 2018 - February 4, 2019

Free Money is an exhibition at TheArtpark, TheArsenale Miami, curated by Jenny Mannerheim and Philippe Combres.

HOT MESS is Luka Sabbat and Noah Dillon. Their latest exhibition, FREE MONEY, reflects how wealth makes our values. Money talks. It is power. It makes the world go round. It determines how we consume and even how we vote. In the United States of America, the one hundred dollar bill is the symbol of conspicuous consumption. Made of 25% Linen and 75% cotton, it is stamped with the face of Benjamin Franklin. Exchangeable for any object, “the Benjamin” represents how money has become more valuable than life itself. In Money We Trust. It is the God we all pray to. And like God, through the fiber of the Benjamin, money is immortal. As it passes from one hand to another, the American Dream outlives us: it’s all about the Benjamins baby.

In the United States, there are over three thousand counties. In order to capture the essence of modern wealth, HOTMESS has selected a dozen of them to tell the ultimate American Story. They have explored the Midwest, including Iowa and Idaho, the South, from Mississippi to North Carolina, the West Coast, across Los Angeles and San Francisco, right back to the East Coast, through Philadelphia and NYC. Focusing on the one hundred dollar bill as the emblem, the exhibition wanders through images of life and consumerism in the Land of the Free. HOTMESS has collected and framed Benjamins from across the counties. FREE MONEY contains video work of how people and money meet. It takes an in-depth look at what is either the “hustling American” or the “American dream”.

There will be framed bills from across the counties, these are priced in relation to where they came from. HOTMESS will also have a credit card machine and an engraver, both of which can be used to pull random amounts of money from the HOTMESS ATM. Limited edition tees will be printed on-site, featuring original designs made from customers’ receipts. HOTMESS will be breaking down a plethora of real $100 bills and spinning them into the fabric to create a t-shirt.

Hot Mess, the artist duo composed of Luka Sabbat and Noah Dillon, met through Twitter and two years later the pair launched an exhibition under the artist name Hot Mess, a multi-layered project with an interactive virtual reality segment. Luka Sabbat was raised between New York and Paris, the artist, model, actor, and entrepreneur represents a new wave of multi-hyphenate young entrepreneurs shaping the industry. Noah Dillon is from southwest Colorado. His interests lay among the separation of the in-between. Nature meets city. Isolation meets the antonym.



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